Hello and who has inspired me…

Hi, thanks for visiting this new blog I have.  I am running the London Marathon in April 2019 for the wonderful charity that is the Royal National Institute for Blind People – more about this another day!  I will try to keep this blog updated regularly with news of my training, fundraising and random thoughts – I will continue to try and make it look better as well!

I thought a good place to start would be who has inspired me into running over the last few months.  I have always been into (watching) running.  I used to love Friday evening Golden League events on BBC2 (8 – 9) before switching onto BBC1 from 9-10.  Channel 4 and STV also had this same shared coverage from time to time.  My early running heroes were Alan Wells, Carl Lewis, Steve Cram, Seb Coe, Steve Ovett and Said Aouita.  None could hold a candle to Tom McKean though, ,I loved that guy.  Always seemed to get boxed in but forced his way out through fair means or foul – what a guy!  I was fortunate enough to speak to Brian Whittle of one shoe fame in my work recently and he confirmed to me that Tom McKean was a great person, my day was made!

But anyway, I fell away from the joy of keeping fit for a few years until a combination of a few people inspired me to get back into it, here are some of them now

  • Kirsty Taylor – The wife, a hill walking phenomenon and cross training powerhouse.  Kirsty has been so supportive of me and will stand in the cold watching me trail in halfway down (or up) the field in any run that she can, I wouldn’t be anywhere near entering the London Marathon if it wasn’t for her.  Her fitness has improved massively these past couple of years and it has shown me that it can be done!
  • Kenneth (Kenny) Taylor – my younger  brother, he does an absolute power of running and has set up the incredibly successful Runbetweeners which run from Giffnock every Monday.  He has always been a great encouragement to me and has tried all he can to help me out.  Also a great advocate of the massive benefits of running on both your mental and physical wellbeing.  Don’t tell him I said anything nice about him though!  Check out their website here
  • Ricky Reid – Another good guy, some of the distances he has ran are mindblowing  West Highland Way all in one go!  Looking at his achievements on Facebook have made me think “I want to do that”
  • Iain Thomson and Andy McAllister – I went to athletics club with Iain and Scouts with Andy and both have been inspiring me for year with their fitness.  Considering they are older than me (sorry boys) it gives me loads to aim for and they show me what can be done with the proper application.  Both have been incredibly supportive of my Marathon efforts so far as well.  Andy seems to be some kind indoor rowing champion, unbelievable.
  • David MacGregor – One of the fittest and most professional Morton players ever.  I saw him running a race last year and he looked like he was sprinting even though he had just run a lot of miles – and he didn’t even look tired.  If only all the Morton players of the 2000s had the same attitude as David, we would be in the premier league by now.
  • Ross Cooper – My fellow Mountain Bike Man!  One of the fittest people in Dunoon and fitness guru to many in the town, the best left back to come out of Dunoon since his Uncle, Paolo Maldini admires him greatly.
  • Dolina Rumbold – A running machine!  I used to work with Dolina and she would always tell me about the benefits of running.  Many a time after a hard day at work I would be climbing into my car, looking forward to getting home and chilling out on the couch while at the same time she would be putting on her running shoes and pounding the streets of Kilmarnock, inspirational stuff.  I have also enjoyed reading her blog here . Dolina always gave me running themed gifts at different times – which I really appreciate.
  • George Fagan – A former colleague of mine in Safeway, the biscuit man, he ruled that biscuit aisle with a steely determination which he has been showing a lot of lately with his running exploits.  George really got into running a couple of months before me and it was seeing how well he was doing that really got me to take the next step into it.  He is quite annoying though because he is breaking barriers that I want to break just a little bit before me all the time!  George is doing so well and I have loads of respect for the progress he seems to be making.
  • Michael Hackett and Craig Scott – Both great runners and always ready with words of encouragement for me.  The speeds they run at on Strava make me very jealous indeed.  Again, they are giving me motivation and hope that one day I could be almost as good as they are – but not quite!

So, there we have the first blog.  I have called it SMTR76.com because you can text SMTR76 £3 to 70070 to donate £3 to the RNIB (other amounts also available!)  You can also donate on my just giving page.

I will improve it and add photos and stuff, please share 🙂


One thought on “Hello and who has inspired me…

  1. Best of luck with your marathon journey, there’s a wealth of information out there. If it’s your first and you need any advice, my two main things are yoga and more sleep. You’ve got the running bit but those two are massively helpful in keeping it all running smoothly, in my experience. Enjoy keeping a record on your blog, too!


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