No Santa for me.

Grey parkrun

Ahoy-hoy, another few days closer to April the 28th, it is starting to get very real now as I was sent my training plan today by a man called Ben, I will write about that at another time though.  I was also tagged in a conversation on Strava about running around the hills around Dunoon with 2 champion people called George and Michael – they seem a bit fast and fit for me but hopefully I won’t disgrace myself.

My brother’s brother in law equalling his PB

Parkrun on Saturday was a grey affair, cold and that breeze picked up on the finishing kilometre like it always seems to.  I did it in 26.03, still not getting below 25 minutes again.  It was pacer week, I think the pacers do a great job and would like to have the confidence to do it myself one month, I reckon I could nail 27.30 stone dead – but you can only do it in full minutes!  I met Stephen, my brother’s brother in law, before the run which was a nice surprise, he equalled his PB which was great.

I had been really looking forward to Sunday and doing a “Santa Dash” in Cumbernauld.  I got up nice and early and put my running stuff on and left the flat in plenty of time to get there and get registered.  On reaching the car I realised I had picked up the wrong set of keys.  On a Friday evening I always take my work keys off my key ring as a ceremonial “this is my time now” type thing but this backfired badly when I got down to the car with no car keys or house keys.  No problem, Kirsty was with me so I just asked for her flat keys to get back  in to get the car keys – she didn’t have her keys either.  Ah!  We had to get a taxi up to Kirsty’s mum and dad’s house for the spare keys but they were out so, by the time we got back down the road, it was too late.  It was not so much a case of “Ho Ho Ho” for me, more a case of “No No No” – sorry about that.  I was actually really gutted but what a day of football I watched instead, every cloud and all that.


Me pre eye injection

Monday saw me having to have my 6th eyeball injection.  I am not sure why but I was really tense and nervous today.  I know it doesn’t hurt but the tension as I am waiting for it is unbearable!  Last time I was there I asked the nurse how she knew my eyeball was numb enough to give the injection – she told me it must be numb enough already as she was pushing on my eyeball with a cotton bud sort of thing to clean it – that was weighing on my mind as she was cleaning it!  The other nurse in the room actually asked me if I wanted her to hold my hand – anyone that knows me will know my reaction to that question – but it was a sign of how nervous I was today.  When I made the effort to relax I could feel how tense I actually had been.

These injections are helping my sight tremendously so far.  I know I am really lucky in that I can still see reasonably well but that fright I got back in April when I thought it was going to be gone forever in that eye – I shudder to think about it.  Again, this is the reason I chose to run for the RNIB, if you want to donate to them you can do so here I only need another £21.80 to break the £1,000 mark.  It’s actually really humbling that so many people have supported me so far.    47 supporters have donated to my page and loads of others bought some of those flipping Panini stickers.

Nice cloud formation on the way to work

Again I need to thank my wife for driving me to the hospital this morning, waiting with me, driving me down to work then coming back for me as well – above and beyond the call of duty there, I owe her a trip to Pizza Hut or something for that.  Thanks to Lynne my colleague too for the lift up to Darnley so Kirsty didn’t have to come all the way to work for me and thanks to everyone at work for looking out for me today and making sure I was ok – the nurses said when I first got the injections that I was to just go home and sleep after them but if they are to be an ongoing thing I can’t be taking 10 days a year off work so I try to make the effort to go in.  The picture above is from the drive down to work.  I don’t usually get to look around because I am busy driving but it is actually a really nice drive, the cloud formation today was spectacular – once a geography geek, always a geography geek.

This week is busy, I am due to get my new running shoes, I have been tracking them from China to Dubai to Cologne where they seem to have been stuck all day.  They were meant to arrive today but they got delayed in Dubai, I can’t believe my shoes have a better time of it than I do!  Saturday I am volunteering at parkrun for the first time and Sunday I am doing the Santa Dash in Glasgow which looks fun – I will be treble checking my keys this time…

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